The name of this series of small paintings  is "The Power of Now". Now is awareness to me, to be open with all my senses, take in without judgement, to be curious, see details. See, feel, be aware of this Now - live in it. As an artist I can only create honest art if I use all my senses, here and now, that I follow my impulses coming out of this now. I am in the moment, I am in the now, I am in flow. It is like walking through a forest with all the senses heightened, to be acutely aware of all the shapes and lines of Nature. The Now is a force, in contact with myself, in contact with others - just like it is for all people. And even more important now, in these Covid-19 times, when many of us are living the "small" life. To be present in that life. Everything we do, all the days we are doing that, have relevance and meaning to ourselves and to our relationships. When we are truly here and now.

If you are interested in purchasing a painting, please contact me by pressing "Contact me" at the bottom of the page. I use Pay Pal for payment and shipping costs are included for Europe. For other countries, I will send information about costs of shipping. Click on image to see title of artwork.

See Me 30x30x2 cm, 12x9,5x0,8".  1870 kr, 220 US dollar, 180 €; Together 33x24x2 cm, 13x9,5x 0,8". 2000 kr, 230 US dollar, 190 €. 

From Now On 1870 kr, 220 US dollar, 180€;  Autumn Nocturne 1870 kr, 220 US dollars, 180€. Both 30x24x2 cm, 12x9,5x0,8".

Simplicity I+II  2000 kr, 230 US dollar, 190€. Both 33x24x2 cm, 13x9,5x0,8".

Frozen Moment 1870 kr, 220 US dollar, 180€. 30x24x2 cm, 12x9,5x0,8".

Good News, Moon Song, Lucky you 2125 kr, 255 US dollar, 210€. All three 30x30x2 cm, 12x12x0,8".

These paintings below are not sold framed, but look very nice when framed. All the Way, Nearer You 2125kr, 255 US dollars,210€. Both 30x30x2 cm, 12x12x0,8".

These painting below are not sold framed, they have been photographed matted. Two are shown in IKEA frames. 1870 kr, 200 US dollar, 165€. All four 32x41 cm, 13x9,5".

Below are paintings on board, they are framed and wired at the back. 2000 kr, 230 US dollar, 190€. All four 30x30x2 cm, 12x12x0,8".