My father was a painter, I grew up in the midst of paint and turpentine. But I trained as an actor. During my acting career I have always been drawing and painting. For the past twenty-five years I have been exhibiting and selling my art. I am interested in what lays underneath, both as a painter and as an actor.  My paintings are layers upon layers, I add and I subtract. I often use lines with my forms in search of moods, emotions in my work.

My paintings are strong and soft, both raw and delicate - as life. I want the right combination of the accidental and the decisive.

I wish for the viewer to use their emotions and hopefully become moved. Experience the paintings -  rather than “understand”. That is how I, the painter, know when a painting is finished, it tells me something about myself, it is true to me and it moves me. To paint gives me courage to do that.

Painting, as life, is a process. What of that experience do I hide and what do I show in my paintings? And how is that met by the viewer? These questions are important to me.

I use colors a lot but sometimes I discipline myself  to use less color, in order to learn more about movement and rhythm. I often work in small series of two or three paintings. I am inspired by American expressionism such as Kline, Motherwell, and Frankenthaler. I also love calligraphy. I have my studio in Stockholm, where I also live.


The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, London
Folkuniversitetet art school, Stockholm
Gerleborgskolan art school, Bohuslän